Saturday, July 9, 2011

Latest and Greatest

Well, I realized the other day I haven't done a good update blog in a little while. So, here it is :)

For the 4th of July(on the 3rd of July), we went to Mom and Dad's church celebration. There were games, a bounce house, food, and music. It was a wonderful way to spend the evening.

Here are a few photos of us playing horseshoes. It was my first time. When Jon explained it was the same principles as bowling, I knew I was in trouble. And guess what, I throw my horseshoes slightly to the left, just like I do when I bowl...
Mom and her horseshoes

Jon wouldn't leave until he got a ringer. Good thing he's good at horseshoes!

We didn't attend the fireworks this year. The island we want to see them from didn't hold the fireworks this year since they are doing construction (they are building a new convention center). So we watched the fireworks on TV. Next year though, I will not be denied live fireworks on the beach, over looking the ocean. :)

A new challenge has been added to my crazy little life. My nutritionist gave me a very long list of foods I am supposed to avoid to reduce my chronic kidney stones. My biggest kidney offender- wheat. Yep, wheat.I had no idea how many of the foods I love contain wheat.Seriously, read your labels for a day or two. You will be amazed at how much wheat you eat without even realizing it.

Two other things I am supposed to avoid- all varieties of potatoes and chocolate. *Sigh* I love them both so much. But, if it means less kidney stones, I will say adieu. And, it's not that I can't ever partake in these foods, they simply need to be a treat.

I've been eating wheat free and following my list of approved foods. I can't even begin to explain how happy my kidneys are. My sweet husband has been incredibly supportive through out this dietary change.So, we'll see how this goes. If you have any tips or yummy recipes feel free to share them with me :)

We finally had a beautiful thunderstorm today! I am pretty sure that there is some invisible bubble over the city I live in. All around us it rains. (Or so the radar claims) But it seldom gets over the interstate and into my backyard. But today, God blessed us with a wonderful downpour, complete with thunder and lightening. It was music to my ears. 

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet around here. Hope you are having a delightful summer, all!

Here's to you and your culinary adventures, friends. Cheers!


  1. By the way, Becca, for future fireworks watching, just head over to that park kind of place over there near the Torres Causeway heading out to St.Simons. I think that's where Seth and Charlotte so the Jekyll, Brunswick, and St. Simons fireworks.

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  3. A friend from work told me about watching from Jekyll. He said people go to the pier and watch both, with less people. (You know, with the fee to get on the island) I never thought to watch from that park area...Fun! I'm excited!