Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Projects

This summer, I am going to garden. In town. On my roof. Yes, you saw it correctly, on my roof. I have been researching said project for 2 years now and have finally got it all set up. Today I will post a photo of my garden box. Don't go getting used to me posting pictures, it was just a necessity for this particular post :)

My loving husband helped me to build this box. It has a growing space of 4' x 4'. It is constructed of 4x4's cut to 4' 4" lengths. The over lap allowed for the growing space I wanted. The timbers are held together with 6" timber screws. We made 3 frames and stacked them on top of each other so the boards were staggered for more security. We will line the inside with landscape fabric. The four posts will be topped off with wood lattice. This will provide a buffer from the harsh conditions on the roof- higher winds, no shade etc. A great added benefit to the lattice is we can put a tarp over the top on cool nights to protect the plants.

Once we put the soil mix in- a combination of peat moss, compost, and vermiculite- we will section off the garden into 1' x 1' areas. This is a technique for small spaces to get maximum yields. This is the website we used to learn about this type of gardening:

I will post a few more photos as I get the garden planted and as the season progresses. So we shall see how the my adventure goes!

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