Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I live right on the coast in southern Georgia. For the past week we've been watching Irene change from a tropical depression into a tropical storm, and ultimately into a hurricane.We, like everyone else on the coast, braced and prepared for her to come and bring what she may.

I was incredibly grateful that God moved her away from Georgia. Then, the worry turned to my brother. He lives in Virgina, relatively close to the coast- in an area filled with rivers that flow out the sea.

A rare hurricane after a freak earthquake. My brother is one of the few who would look at these weather phenomenons as an adventure. And where was he? Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI. He was presenting a paper at a conference and visiting friends with his wife for her birthday. (She was at work for the quake and said her building shook for a minute and that was about it. Well, that doesn't sound very eventful does it!)

They are returning home today to uncertainty. Will they have power? Water? Will their home have suffered damage from the 58+ mph winds? We'll have to wait and see. But, no matter what they find- they are safe. A blessing indeed.

So! Our family is safe. The rain and winds have passed. What did I do after my first near miss hurricane? I went to the beach with my parents as Hurricane Irene threw a fit out at sea. As the eye passed a few hundred miles out, she made her presence  known by churning up massive waves and sending intermittent down pours.

See that small blue section next to GA that was unaffected by the hurricane- we are blessed to live there.

Me and my Dad
Watching the waves roll in- some were 16-18 feet high!

The surf came up, over the sands and dunes into the grasses- and it wasn't even quite high tide yet.

Amazing strength

I love this picture- my dad captioned it "Every knee shall bow" (take a look at the guy's shirt, click to enlarge)

The pier getting battered with the powerful waves.

I wouldn't be out in that water.

This guy is a veteran surfer who's surfed many hurricanes. He said the undertow was too strong, even for him.

Mom and I ventured out into a stretch of beach that was momentarily visible and out of nowhere- the ocean came up to surprise us. I almost lost my shorts! See my mom's arm on my wrist? She's trying to pull me out of the water, I'm trying to keep my drawers up! ;)

A couple of chairs just beyond the ocean's reach- but when we left them the water was creeping up on them quickly.

The tide has been here.

Where'd the beach go?!

Sea Oats

Always time to hug- even as the sun sets over a churning ocean. With my mom.

As the sun set, we were thankful to be together- to be safe in the Father's hands. Our prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones. As well as those who suffered damages to their homes. Be safe, be well.

Thank you to my Dad for taking pictures!

Here's to you and all your adventures, culinary or otherwise. Cheers!

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