Thursday, July 1, 2010

I like my glass half full, thank you

I make an effort to be positive and upbeat every day. Some times that is really, REALLY hard to do. So, today I decided to try something one of my gal pals did a while back. It was time to draw up my list of 100 things that make me happy.

When you have a moment, think of your moments of bliss and what about them made you happy. You'd be surprised how many simple things make your life enjoyable.

Here's to you and your culinary adventures, friend. Cheers!

Scribbled onto scratch paper in no particular order- here is my 100 Things That Make Me Happy list.

1. The smell of fresh cut grass.
2. Receiving hand written notes and cards in the mail.
3. The first bite of a truly ripe, juicy, luscious strawberry.
4. Soft, cool grass under my bare feet.
5. Fishing until the sun dips below the horizon.
6. Picking out the most amazingly sweet nectarine in the bunch.
7. Warm summer nights on a porch swing.
8. Salty sea breezes.
9. Skies so blue you'd swear they were painted just for you.
10. Teal waters of the Caribbean.
11. Simple, basic, classic food.
12. Reading a good novel with such intense imagery that you'd swear you were actually in the book.
13. The pull of the rod when a fish first hits the line.
14. Long, deep, meaningful hugs.
15. Church choirs.
16. Digging into a freshly tilled garden plot.
17. Sitting in the sun.
18. Music.
19. Friendly kitties who just want to sleep in your lap.
20. Traveling all over the world.
21. Architecture.
22. Photography- images of a single moment in time.
23. Pedicures.
24. Cooking in my own kitchen for my family.
25. Hand writing- anything. Notes, lists, letters, short stories, as long as I can feel the pen in my hand.
26. Laying in bed next to my husband.
27. A truly clean house.
28. My husband.
29. Fountain style pens.
30. Traditions passed down through generations with love.
31. That "ah ha!" moment.
32. Sitting by the lake and just taking in life.
33. Finding the perfect pair of jeans.
34. Finding the perfect pair of jeans, on sale.
35. Leaving town with no particular plan, just a general direction.
36. Breakfast in bed.
37. Baseball games, outside.
38. Laughing so hard you cry.
39. Warm, just off the vine, ripe tomatoes.
40. Slow, sweet summer days.
41. Naps in hammocks.
42. Sleeping newborn babies.
43. Reminders of God's love and grace.
44. Nature documentaries.
45. Trips to the zoo and nature preserves.
46. Waterfalls.
47. True Love.
48. Laying in my bed at the end of a hard day. Memory foam is awesome!
49. Camping with good company.
50. Sitting in the front of a boat speeding across the lake, letting go of life's stress.
51. The breath before a passion filled kiss.
52. Just "being" for a moment.
53. Standing in a hot shower until the water turns ice cold.
54. The romantic notion of getting caught in the rain.
55. The heel of the bread fresh from the oven, smeared with homemade jelly.
56. Exploring historical sites.
57. Cumberland Island.
58. Poland.
59. Trying various ethnic cuisine.
60. Mowing the lawn.
61. Swimming.
62. Rain boots, particularly brightly colored varieties.
63. 3pm on a Friday.
64. Cheese. yes, cheese makes me happy.
65. Mini vacations.
66. Witty, intelligent humor.
67. Inside jokes.
68. Laughing at myself when I make a pun.
69. The smell of Autumn. (The season for all you smarty pants)
70. People watching.
71. The smell of books, old and new.
72. New chapters in my Book of Life.
73. Creativity and imagination.
74. Quilting.
75. Being unreachable in a world that is always connected.
76. Dancing with my husband, even when there is no music.
77. Romantic love.
78. The feeling under my feet when waves pull the sand out from under me.
79. The music of the ocean at night.
80. Sunset over a glass still lake.
81. Laying topless in the sun on a warm day. (In private or a foreign country of course)
82. Live oak trees reaching over old streets in the south.
83. Loons calling out to each other at dusk.
84. Visits with my mom.
85. Cooking with my dad.
86. Laughing at my sweet farmer's tan when I'm in the shower.
87. Good surprises.
88. Knowing I am saved because God sent his son for me.
89.Watching movies late into the night.
90. Knowing who I am.
91. A picture perfect smile.
92. The first drink from a new carton of ice cold milk.
93. The rush of jumping into cold water on a hot day.
94. Learning family traditions from my grandparents.
95. Vinyl records.
96. Wearing flirty dresses.
97. Getting voice mail from my brother just asking how my day is going.
98. My Norwegian sister.
99. Long, deep drinks of ice cold water from the garden hose.
100.Daydreaming about my future.

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  1. THE best list I have ever read.

    reminded me of many things that make me happy.