Monday, July 12, 2010

Triple F throwdown

Triple F= Fun Food Find.

It's cherry season. More specifically it's Mt. Rainier Cherry season.

I like fresh cherries. Give them a good rinse and eat. Nothing better. My favorite part is spitting the pits into a glass bowl and hearing the TING! :) It's the simple things in life...

When you say cherries people most often think of Bing cherries: two bright red cherries most often still connected by the stems. They can be very sweet, almost overly sweet for my taste.

Mt. Rainier cherries, however, are golden cherries with a pink blush. They are just sweet enough to not be tart. They are only available for a short time in July and they often fly off the shelves at supermarkets. Well, the first shipment arrived at the store where Jon works late last week. He carefully plucked three containers and brought them home to share with me.

The flavor of Rainier Cherries is different than Bing cherries. They are almost nectarine like in flavor. It's very subtle and extremely light, but a noticeable departure from what is thought to be a typical cherry flavor profile. Definitely a fruit worth trying.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer! With that, it's time to go harvest some Blue Dwarf Kale from my garden. Yum!

Here's to you and your culinary adventures, friend. Cheers!

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