Friday, January 29, 2010

Feed the birds bread, whad-da-ya get?

Feed the birds bread, whad-da-ya get? Fat birds!--From the movie Mary Poppins

I don't know why, but that tickled my funny tonight.

OK, so back to business. Went on vacation. We all knew that.

On vacation I got re-motivated, is that a word? Re-motivated...At any rate. I got re-motivated to follow my sparkpeople program. I have been following it closely along with at least 30 minutes of wii fit plus.

My husband also got motivated. By my dad and my brother.

They both have plans they are following, similar to mine: Dad is watching what he eats and does the wii fit plus everyday along with his daily walk. Adam is watching what he eats and goes running.

Jon and my dad became very competitive at the wii fit games. So, the competition lives on! Now that we are home we know some of the numbers to beat. Talk about motivation :)

Mom had a cookbook that she rarely used, Better Homes and Gardens New Dieter's Cookbook, 3rd Edition. She told me I could have it if I could fit it into my luggage. If I had to mail my clothes back, that book was coming home. And it did, as did all my clothes. I am in love with this cookbook!

Tonight we had "ham and potato scramble" from that cookbook. I added some veggies and reduced the cheese. It was great! Jon gave it his seal of approval as well.

Here's to you and your culinary adventures, friend. Cheers!

Ham and Potato Scramble
Serves 4
232 calories per serving

8 beaten eggs*
2-3 TBS water
1/4 cup onion, diced
1/4 cup bell pepper, diced
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 TBS country crock margarine spread
1 clove garlic, minced
1 cup shredded hash browns
1/2 cup diced, extra lean, ham
1/2 ripe Roma tomato, diced
1 oz mild cheddar cheese, shredded

In a skillet melt margarine. Add hash browns, onion, bell pepper, black pepper, garlic, and ham. Cook until golden, stirring occasionally. Remove from skillet. Keep warm.

Spray the skillet with cooking spray. Mix water into eggs. Add eggs to skillet and scramble until soft set.

Fold in hash brown mixture. Add in tomatoes. Top with cheese.

Serve immediately.

* You can replace the 8 eggs with 16oz of egg beaters or similar refrigerated egg product.

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