Sunday, December 6, 2009

I hear ornaments...

Charlie thinks I have brought some nature in just for him.

In the middle of the night I hear the jingle of ornaments.

We play a "fun" little game this time of year. The game play goes something like this: He plays with the ornaments and bites the tree, I come stumbling out of my bedroom in the middle of the night. He meows and squints at me because he knows what's coming next.

I am going to pull out the big guns. The melter of all naughty kitties!

My squirt bottle.

I aim haphazardly in the dark, he runs away as I pull the trigger repeatedly. And, about 20 minutes later he tries again. We do this twice nightly for a good week before he learns not to eat the tree.

The Christmas tree is up and decorated. The nativity scene it set out on top of my dad's old Philco record player and radio. The garland is hung, bulbs hang from ribbon through the house, and the twinkle lights add a touch of color to the white walls in the hallway. It's beautiful. And finally, December 4th, the snow began to fall. Yep, it is starting to slowly feel like Christmas around these parts.

Here's to you and your holiday adventures, friend! Cheers!

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